Motorcycle Test

The RoSPA advanced motorcycle test is monitored and approved by the DSA and a RoSPA Gold is widely regarded as the highest civilian riding standard available. The test is based on the Police Foundation publication ‘Roadcraft The Police Riders Handbook’ and the Highway Code. A thorough understanding of both Roadcraft and the Highway Code will be required to pass the test at a high standard.


During the test the Examiner will be looking at how you deal with the situations that present themselves and assessing the good, and inevitably not so good, elements. The on road section of the test will generally be between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes but this can vary depending on road and traffic conditions. The Examiner will then ask questions to test your understanding of The Highway Code and Roadcraft and you may also be asked some questions about your bike.


Following this the Examiner will discuss the road section of the test with you covering both the good points and those areas that could be improved. The Examiner will then tell you if you have passed the test and if so what grade you have obtained.