Membership of the Gloucestershire Group is separate and in addition to membership of RoSPA HQ. Categories of the Gloucestershire Group membership are:


(a) Full Member;
(b) Associate Member;
(c) Affiliate Member;
(d) Honorary Member.


Full Membership is open to any driver or motorcyclist with a full, valid driving licence, who has passed a RoSPA Advanced Driving or Motorcycling Test, subject to paying the annual membership subscription and passing the appropriate three-yearly re-test.


Associate Membership is open to any adult with a full, valid driving licence, who is preparing to take a RoSPA Advanced Driving or Motorcycling Test. An Associate Member will become a Full Member once they have passed a RoSPA Advanced Test.


Affiliate Member.  A full member who does not wish to re-take or does not pass the triennial re-test, or an associate member who stops preparing for the advanced test, but who wishes to retain membership will become an Affiliate Member.


Honorary Member.  The Group may grant the status of honorary member in specific circumstances largely intended to reward persons in recognition of substantial and long-standing contributions to the Group. Nominations for honorary membership are to be approved by the Committee before final approval at a general meeting.


If your triennial test is coming up, why not contact your coordinator and see if a tutor is available for refresher training?


Want to improve and help others at the same time?  Talk to the Training Officer or your Coordinator about becoming a tutor.